Time to Review Your Shingle Roof

With Tucson & southern Arizona’s mild winter this year, it’s a good time to review your shingle roof for damages and potential leaks. Finding potential problems during the early months of year, before the monsoon season begins, is a very smart action.

By waiting until the rainy season begins, repairs can take longer to schedule. With roofing companies all in high demand during the monsoons, they may not be able to get on your repairs right away. While a good roofing company will tarp and protect your roof to prevent further damage, it is still a stressful time, waiting until your home is back to normal.

So before the rain and heat arrive, it’s a good idea to look for red flags that may tell you it’s time for a new roof. Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Curling Shingles or Buckling – For an asphalt shingle roof, take a look at the slope of your roof that gets direct sunlight and look for signs or curling on the ends and edges, or losing granules. Curling shingles can mean the roof is past it’s life expectancy. Curling shingles also are targets for microburst winds that can get underneath the shingle and rip them loose.
  2. Missing Shingles – A sign of high storm winds, missing shingles can potentially let water underneath the shingles and into the house.
  3. Shingle Granules in the Gutters or Downspouts– This can cause water build up in your guttering system. You could use a product like Mastershield gutters to stop this from happening, as well as stopping things like leaves from clogging it up, but you also need to deal with the problem as its source where possible. As a roof ages, they tend to lose more of their granules. This can also result in color differences on parts of the roof. Darker spot can be a sign of wear.
  4. Roof Valleys – Since roof valleys are the main route for rain water to reach your gutters, missing or damaged shingles can allow water to penetrate your roof.
  5. Flashings around Chimneys – Metal flashings should have a water-tight fitting around chimneys, evaporative coolers, skylights and other items on your roof. The roof cement or tar should form a complete seal with no cracks or gaps.


Replacing or repairing a roof can be a major expense, but proactive maintenance can prevent costly damage to the interior of your house and belongings as well as prevent mold that can damage your health.

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