“The roofer replaced shingles and repaired cracks on the flat roof section of our garage. He so repaired and revealed areas around the vents and our continually leaking solar tube. He took pictures with his phone and shared them with my husband and myself.

He was very punctual and quick in his response. There was no fee for the estimate and all of his inspection was made transparent with photos. The estimate was done within 24 hours and the roofer was able to complete the job within the week. We were very pleased.” – Jessica M.

“They resurfaced the patio roof that was leaking and did a build up. Everything went good. They came one day and stripped the shingles off and put one layer of tar. The next day they put another layer and the sealant.” – Eric H.

“Cleaned and coated the roof x2. Replaced a skylight cover and minor repairs. Work was done well. Louis was very responsive to questions. I’d use them again if the need arose and would recommend them to others.” – Bill K.

“Honest, knowledgeable and very helpful. It’s hard to find a really good and honest roofer – this guy is that 1 in a million.” – Deepak S.

“Roof was washed, repaired and recoated per estimate. Work done cleanly and on time. Mr. Blass returned several days later and examined the work of his crew. All up to snuff.” – Dan F.

“Cleaned existing roof system; installed metal scuppers; installed polyester fabric elastomeric roof system. Very knowledgable, I would highly recommend.” – Casey Y.

“Cleaned the roof, did required repairs and replaced the scuppers and put elastomeric coating on the entire roof. My scuppers on my roof were leaking. I called 3 companies for estimates. Mike Blass came over and checked the roof and submitted an estimate. He was not the cheapest, but I was impressed by the way he was going to do the repairs. Turns out the scuppers had to be replaced. The work was delayed because of weather for about 2 wks, but when the weather cleared the crew was here to fix the roof. Mike is a very honest, up front man and I would definitely recommend this company to friends. He also gives a 3yr warranty instead of 2yrs and doesn’t require payment until the job is finished.” – Lana E.

“Crest Roofing LLC replaced my roof. I just got a general feeling that they were honest. The work was fine. They are straight shooters and will treat you fairly.” – Jon R.

“We hired Mike to replace a roof on my father-in-law’s park model. We’ve hired him before for our own roof as well. He is very pleasant and very professional. Most importantly though, he’s very honest. His rates were reasonable and we’ve always been happy with his service. We continue to call on him with our needs.” – Georgia H.

“Crest Roofing installed a roof on my house in the last week. Mike Blass is the owner. He was recommended to me by the guy who is painting my house right now. I was real thrilled with the results. So I found Crest Roofing through word of mouth. They were thorough and professional. They did an excellent job. I would use their services in the future too.” – Mark C.