Sprayfoam Roofing

Thanks to the Spanish Colonial architectural style, flat roofs are common in the American Southwest. The ideal roofing material for these flat roofs is spray foam (also known as Spray Polyurethane Foam). This foam is a combination of two chemicals, heated up and then blasted through a spray gun. The foam is especially effective at insulating the roof (both from the heat and from the cold) because the mixture expands and tiny air bubbles are locked inside of the foam. Those air bubbles are what make the foam so energy efficient. Research has proven that when compared to other roofing systems, a foam roof can lead to energy savings of 30% or more.

Residential foam roofing advantages

  • Long life – With the right maintenance, oftentimes minimal, you can expect to enjoy your foam roof for 35 – 50 years.
  • Excellent sealant – Because of how it is applied, foam will contour around protrusions through the roof such as pipes and vents. This makes it an effective sealant against weather, wind, cold, and heat.
  • Lightweight – You can achieve more flexibility in architectural design due to the foam only weighing approximately one-eighth of traditional roofing materials.
  • Durable – It can resist storm damage, all sorts of weather, yet remains extremely resilient.
  • Cost effective – If you are looking for residential roofing application, foam remains one of the least expensive alternatives. It also reduces labor costs because it is so easy to apply.

Highly energy efficient

If you are looking for amazing energy efficiency, look no further than foam roofing. One study done at Texas A&M University demonstrated that the money saved in energy costs in just four and a half years would pay for the cost of the foam roof installation. Research done by Oakridge National Laboratories proved that heating and cooling costs dropped upwards of 50%.

Requires minimal maintenance

Foam roofing generally requires very little repair and needs only infrequent maintenance checks. Unless you believe that impact or hail may have caused damage, having it inspected every five years or so should be sufficient. If there is damage done to a foam roof, it is important to prevent leaks or other problems. Have professional foam roofers repair it immediately.

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