School Roofing

Inexperienced roofing companies may overlook the additional steps and underestimate the unique challenges that a roofing project for an educational facility or school may bring, but you can be assured that Crest Roofing is up to the task. There are a number of interesting challenges to consider when working on educational facilities. Maintenance Regular maintenance is not just about making sure that visitors, teachers, and students are safe on school property, but also extends the overall life of the roof. Crest Roofing can offer you immediate service and has a number of different options available that suit your needs Repair The roof of a facility is damaged throughout the school year, you cannot afford to simply shut down until repairs are complete. At Crest Roofing, we understand the need for an immediate response. We understand that you do not want to wait another moment and we can respond accordingly. We will make sure that we work safely and provide minimal disruptions while the students can continue to enjoy their education. Why go with Crest Roofing?

  • A safe workforce – We understand that the most important aspect of any school is the safety of the students. We take the utmost care during construction and maintenance, but also make sure that our employees undergo a rigorous screening process.
  • A limited work schedule – If optional or scheduled repairs are necessary, we understand that most schools would prefer to have these done during a time that it does not disrupt the educational process. That only leaves the summer months when most students are at home. Even though that is only a one to two-month timespan, Crest Roofing can work well under those guidelines and provide you with quality work while taking only a fraction of the time.
  • Ventilation – We understand that every school is different. A number of schools require every classroom to have proper ventilation. However, having that many ventilation options require multiple roof penetrations. The more roof penetrations there are, the larger the chance of a possible leak becomes. That is why you need a company that will maintain and install the materials in such a way that you do not have to worry when monsoon season rolls around. Or there is the option of going for cooling systems to help with ventilation in classrooms, they can be fitted to the walls instead of the roof to minimize the risk, checking out companies like AIRNOW COOLING & HEATING might be of benefit for the school to look at where they can repair any problems that you may have and deal with the maintenance of the product.

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