Multi-Housing Roofing

Mixed-use communities, townhouses, HOAs, condominiums, multi-housing, and multi-family roofs can present the owners and professional roofing contractors with rather difficult challenges. That is why we love these challenges at Crest Roofing, because it allows us a chance to rise to the occasion.

Multi-housing roofing options

Traditionally, the multi-housing units will have low or flat slope roof. However, at Crest Roofing we have come across any variation imaginable. Multi-housing communities can use almost any material. There are advantages and disadvantages to any type of material, which is why it is a good idea to sit down with a professional roofer and discuss what would best fit what you are looking for.

Making sure that tenants happy and safe

The most challenging complication that property managers and proprietors face that others do not is the very reason they are in business: tenants. If the roofs starts leaking and causes property damage, it is important to keep the tenant happy as quickly as possible and make the necessary repairs. That is why it is a good idea for managers and owners to have a professional roofer on standby in the event that something does go wrong, even if it is just to avoid unpleasant legal situations.

At Crest Roofing, we are proud to serve multi-housing areas. For us, it is not just about the quality of the roof, it is about making sure that tenants have the parking lot available to them and not causing too much of a disturbance. We will do everything to help you to avoid unhappy tenants.  Our timely service, high quality, long-lasting materials has helped many landowners and property management companies build a long-term relationship with their tenants.

Able to meet the challenge

At Crest Roofing, we can provide materials necessary to make repairs at a moment’s notice; we understand that your tenants are not going to wait around. Because of our experience, we can take care of the problem in a swift and efficient manner. Those are challenges that smaller roofing companies tend to struggle with.

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