Industrial Roofing

Especially when compared to residential properties, the roofing materials used in the manufacturing industry have to be more resilient. Residues from the manufacturing process, exhausts, and chemicals can take their toll on just about any type of roofing materials, more than the weather, wind, and sun ever could.

There are also more skylights in industrial complexes in order to give the interior a natural light. Whereas leaks in residential facilities are bad enough, leaks in the manufacturing industry can cause thousands, perhaps even millions in damage.

Most commonly used materials

The most commonly used roof design in industrial roofing is often low or flat slope. With those two types of design, the following five roofing materials are often used:

  • Metal roofing – Even though metal roofing is not ideal when used on roofs that are perfectly flat, it is a great option for low slope roofs. These options often consist of copper, aluminum, and steel and can be very visually appealing.
  • Single ply roofing – This type of material is made up out of four basic elements: an adhesive, flashing, a single ply membrane (usually rubber or plastic), and an insulation layer.
  • Modified bitumen – This type of roofing material consists of asphalt with modifiers added to it. The added modifiers make it more durable by giving it rubber or plastic-like properties.
  • Built-up roofing (BUR) – This type of roofing material has multiple layers that are laminated together.
  • Spray foam – Spray polyurethane foam goes on in a liquid state, and increases in size once it is applied. Around the pipes, vents, and protrusions through the roof it creates a protective, seamless, and continuous barrier.

Downtime is not an option

At Crest Roofing, we understand that business disruption is not an option. We know that the bottom line is not going to care whether the problem happened on schedule or not. That is precisely why you can call our professional staff to take care of regular maintenance, but also in the event that something unforeseen happens. Say no to business disruptions by saying yes to Crest Roofing.

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