Hotel Roofing

The hospitality, resort, and hotel industry offers a number of interesting challenges to property owners and roofers. These are just a handful of the challenges that roofers have to overcome:

  • The use of mixed materials – In order to create the most attractive property possible, architects tend to use a number of different roofing materials and styles. These may include mansard, tile, flat, sloped, and many more. Combining everything to give the property a beautiful esthetic look can be challenging.
  • Roof penetrations – In order to accommodate multiple ventilation and air conditioning systems, and multiple bathrooms, there tend to be many more penetrations on a hotel roof than an average construction project. Any penetration is a potential leak, so it has to be coated carefully.
  • Multi-functional – Hotels and resorts tend to include pools, bars, rooftop decks, and restaurants. All of those can add additional wear and tear to the structure of the roof and the roofing materials themselves.
  • Multiple levels – Most resorts and hotels have multiple levels. This means that there are guests who can see the lower level roofs. This means that functionality is not the only concern, but it has to look good too.
  • Branding choices – Many resort chains, motels, and hotels have designated architectural styles and colors throughout their properties. This means that it has to be done a specific way.

Ensure there are minimal disruptions

Crest Roofing has worked with the hotel industry long enough to realize that visitors come to resorts and hotels to get away, to relax. The last thing your guests want is to have someone make a lot of noise, workers who make the hotel look like a major construction zone. That is why Crest Roofing takes every step of the process seriously. This includes noise, cleanliness, safety, and image, for us those are all important aspects to keep in mind. We will strive to make sure that your guests have no idea that the hotel or resort is undergoing maintenance or construction. With more than 30 years of experience, we can guarantee a quick and professional response. With Crest Roofing, you can be sure that the job is done right the first time around.

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